About Statistrikk.no

Welcome, knitters. Welcome, statistics enthusiasts. And welcome, those who are not interested in neither knitting, nor statistics.

Statistrikk is a popular science knitting blog that merges a cunning content with gorgeous garments. The aim is to entertain and inspire you with knitted statistics and science facts. Its Norwegian name is a pun based on the Norwegian words for statistics and knit (statistikk + strikk). The Facebook-page Statistrikk and the corresponding Instagram account will keep you informed about new blog posts,.

The conceptual idea: to combine soft materials with hard facts stroke me as a woollen lightning in 2015, and any person in my proximity since then has taken part in discussions about oranges, vaccine coverage, birth statistics, the content of the Universe, Tardigrades, Female genital mutilation, knit and purl. Thanks to all of you for your engagement and enthusiasm!

The creator of this blog is me, Kathrine Frey Frøslie. I am a knitting statistician who live at the pittoresque peninsula Nesodden just outside Oslo, the capitol of Norway.  I spent twenty wonderful years as a statistician at Oslo University Hospital, until I became an associate professor in biostatistics at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. I have a PhD in statistical analysis of blood sugar regulation in pregnant women, and have coauthored the alternative statistical text book Tall forteller together with Jo Røislien,

Fun fact: In 2016, the blog received a grant from The Norwegian Research Council for 2017-2018. Thank you, Dear Research council!

There are a lot of pictures at Statistrikk, and the picture content overlap to some extent the pictures at  @statistrikk at Instagram.  Please contact Statistrikk at messenger if you would like to use pictures or patterns in courses or other contexts, but feel free to share links as you like.